With a name like "More Than Smiles," it is important for us to assess the whole child and look further than just the teeth. Dr. Goodall is very passionate about early diagnosis of sleep and breathing disorders in children, and she spends extra time with families to educate them on signs and symptoms to watch for outside of the dental office. By addressing these symptoms early, Dr. Goodall believes she can positively impact the child's overall growth and development so that they can thrive and improve their overall quality of life. 

Breathing is essential to life. If a child is struggling to breathe through their nose with ease, this can have a negative impact on their growth, development, immunity, behavior, and cognitive performance. 

Dr. Goodall utilizes an evidence based screening tool to identify clinical findings that suggest a patient has an increased risk of sleep disturbance. She works collaboratively with a network of health care providers in the community to develop a comprehensive treatment planning approach to address the patient's root cause of their symptoms.  Dr. Goodall hopes to positively impact her patients and their family's health journey by correcting poor oral habits early and educating them on the importance of whole body health.